The Lamb Man

My name is Jimmy Bell and I’m known locally as ‘The Lamb Man’ because I rear, butch and sell traditional Northumbrian Hill Lamb from my family farm High Barns, Longhorsley, Northumberland.

 Wherever you buy lamb from The Lamb Man you receive top quality fresh Northumbrian lamb. 

Our fresh lamb tastes superb because we:

  • Use only the finest quality Texel-cross lambs.
  • Use lambs from a non-intensively farmed upland pasture in Northumberland.
  • Avoid using chemicals or pesticides on our farm.
  • Give the minimal amount of medicines to our sheep and use homeopathic remedies where possible.
  • Hang our lamb for ten days as was the custom for traditional butchers.

As we are now in our 20th year the business has grown and developed into not just supplying lamb direct to our customers but by offering other farmers a bespoke cutting service. If this is of interest to you please get in touch.